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Statuspage 2.0 09.01.2020

# The status page was once completely recoded.

+ Security updates, no one is breaking the security wall of your project anymore!

+ Faster updates - Many settings can now be applied without page reload

+ More detailed problems

+ modules

     -> The "Advanced" status can be changed directly

     -> The categories can be changed directly

     -> New module type: Teamspeak

+ Twitter Live Preview

+ "Show more" button on the page

+ Direct display of live issues

# Rank updates

+ Page customizations are now only available from admin rank

- Statistics has been removed for now, this function will be added again in future versions

- Custom Javascript removed for security reasons

Statuspage 1.9 22.12.2019

Statuspage 1.8 15.12.2019

Statuspage 1.7 14.12.2019

Statuspage 1.6 13.12.2019

Statuspage 1.5 07.10.2019

Statuspage 1.4 21.09.2019

Statuspage 1.3 07.09.2019

Statuspage 1.2 16.08.2019

Statuspage 1.0 19.07.2019

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