Reporting a bug

Users can easily report a bug in a channel, then a member with a specific role can move the bug to a channel you want with only some clicks or short messages. The bot will add a log to the message, which lists the action which were executed, and who executed them.


The bot will create a completely prepared category for reporting some bugs with only one command. You only have to write in one channel and the bot will move them to the provided channel. There are two sizes for the categories. One has five channels, so the bot can move them there, the second size has three channels.

Move by one click

Moving on click

You can move a bug report with a short command into the channel you want, but there is an easier way. if the bug report is in a channel where the messages can be moved out from, you can also move the bug with only one click by adding a reaction to the message.

BugReportpy 1.2.1 21.12.2019

* Fixed bug that the user which moved a bug wasn't displayed

BugReportpy 1.2 21.12.2019

BugReportpy 1.1 21.12.2019

Features! Features! Features!

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